Financial Lease

Whether you wish to pay in installments, take advantage of tax benefits, or avoid using your bank’s credit facilities, there are many reasons for choosing one of our financial lease solutions. You will become the beneficial owner of the equipment, which will be on your balance sheet. Upon expiry of the contract, you will be able to buy the equipment at an agreed price.



You can reduce your monthly lease payments by making a down payment or agreeing on a final installment. You pay back the financed amount in fixed monthly installments. Once you have paid back the full amount, you will be the owner. You can then trade in your machine for a new one, so your equipment will always be up to date.

Would you like to know more about our monthly lease rates?

Please contact one of our account managers.

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The costs of repair, maintenance, tire replacement and insurance (among other things) are not included in your monthly payment. However, if you combine your financial lease solution with our SMART Support System, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Our financial lease solutions are available for both new and used SMT Premium Selection machines. If you’d like to learn more about our monthly rates, feel free to contact one of our account managers.


Some of the benefits of our financial lease solutions:

  • New, expensive machines are within immediate reach
  • You will be the owner
  • Transparent monthly costs
  • No need to use your bank’s credit facilities
  • In combination with our SMART Support System, you will enjoy maximum availability at low operating costs

Direct Payment

If you do not need or want to finance your purchase, you can, of course, also pay the full amount prior to delivery. Click here for our general terms of delivery.

General terms and conditions